January 24th, 2004



Leaders' meeting this morning ended up being just Annette and me— Heather and Nate got into deep conversation and weren't at a good place to break off and join us. And really, it's about time. Interested to see what the outcomes might be.

Only a tiny slice of work today; lazy for the rest. Picked up a handy beard trimmer that vacuums as it cuts. Face needs some trimming, and a vacuum wouldn't hurt. It'd be the first thing I've vacuumed for a while.

Saw that airfares to Iowa dropped $40 today, so decided to take the plunge and made reservations to go to Iowa for my nephew's birthday in February. Would like to make this a tradition, a time when I can be there for him and check in on his life as he grows. Hesitant because of both money and time, but in truth, that's what both are for.

A couple of bits from the recent past float to mind, so I document them here:
  • Purchased Baseball and Other Matters in 1941 and Seeing Seattle for $2 apiece at Twice Sold Tales yesterday as I waited for the 43. My action was prompted by panic over lack of reading material in my bag, as I didn't know how much downtime I'd have in the afternoon. Though plans changed, glad to have the books— looking forward to diving deeper into my interests in baseball, the 40s, and my city.
  • Sara called on Wednesday to let me know that Chris has done a 180° and realizes that he loves her and doesn't want to live without her. Huge answered prayer. She is naturally cautious (as well she should be), but she is setting some great initial boundaries, asking the right questions, and seeking God above all. Jesus is still the one he has to deal with, and I pray he will.
  • Heard Paul McCartney's "No More Lonely Nights" in the grocery door a few days back. Made me think of Jodi; it was nice, in its way, like a touch from long ago.
The Apprentice embodies everything I hate about corporate America. Love it.
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