December 1st, 2003


Takes a licking and keeps on ticking

Jesus will always give you what you would have asked for if you knew everything that He knows.

—Tim Keller

Realizing that I will have more peace in accepting where people (including myself) are if I accept that most of us are probably not who we present or even believe ourselves to be. The thought brings a cringe; it's the ultimate fraud and the exposure we all fear. Oddly, LiveJournal has been something of a catalyst in my realization— so many of us are trying so hard here. I don't yet pretend to know what it means to be faithful with this understanding, but there it is anyway, and it's simply making me too tired not to accept it.

Phil's new CD of cello Christmas music is wonderful.

Terribly grumpy today. Thankfully I've been alone for most of it, or else I'd surely have more burnt bridges to deal with. Had to get replacement parts from both Samsonite and Timex for products I broke this weekend. One lasted a month, the other under 24 hours. I'm apparently pretty fierce in the wear-and-tear department.

I hate broken things. This presents all kinds of problems.
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    Phil Peterson, "Of The Father's Love Begotten"