October 29th, 2003


Continuing the chronicle

Haven't been still much this week. Need to be more deliberate about that. Not finding myself in the mood to write about much. The fact that I do so anyway indicates that perhaps I feel some obligation to do so, to continue the chronicle. Or maybe I hope it will settle me.

Productive work week with a pocket of stress here and there. I have a way of creating problems for myself. There are still advances and hope, however. The yoke is relatively easy and the burden fairly light.

Have been on a geeky purchasing binge. In addition to last week's new PowerBook adapter and battery, I've picked up the camera attachment for my Sidekick and a TMX2 MP3 watch, as well as a new computer bag and a replacement bottom bezel for the PowerBook on the way. It's an odd spurt. Wondering if there's some impulse toward equipping and preparation behind it. I sense a pattern.

Sleep hasn't been the best. Keep hoping that the first time I wake up will be late enough that I can get up and start the next day, but this is almost never the case.

Looking forward to giving tomorrow a try.
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