September 17th, 2003


Community and transformation

The earth is filled with Your love, O Lord;
   teach me Your decrees.

—Psalm 119:64

Community Group was amazing yet again last night. A crew of relative old timers: Blanche, Heather, Jeremy, Nathan, Randall, and me. God draws us deeper and deeper, encouraging us to consider with mind and heart what this this thing called community really is and how He is active and manifest in it. We're being called to look beyond just our individual relationships to how God is forming us as a people, and to pray for His purposes in this.

What would it mean for me to see the earth filled with His love today? How much would I then want Him to teach me His word?
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Unexpected respite

Walking to the office, I just realized that I don't have anything scheduled for this Thursday evening. Can't desribe how happy this makes me.

The smell of coffee roasting at Caffe Vita as I near the office is delightful.
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