May 7th, 2003


Plugging on through

Some days the front page of the newspaper is the last thing I need to see.

Staff meetings are each Wednesday morning. They've gotten better and better, especially since I've started being sure we have an agenda each week and suggested that we have lunch together afterward. Still have attention problems, though, such that by the time we're done, I want everyone to go away; it takes me about an hour or so to settle in and try to focus again.

Fought with the printer more. That gets old. Still loving the total office mobility, however, and the overall feeling of having it together.

Show is booked for next week. The concept— combining live music and an art show— was unique enough to give it a go, and I'm also excited about the bill. Details:
Tennis Pro
American School of Warsaw
DJ Poop Hound & DJ Gumar
Featuring a special gallery showing by Hisham Mishalani
Thursday, 14 May at The Rendezvous Jewel Box Theater (doors at 8:00 pm)

Oh, my head. Too much stuck in it.
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Meals on wheels

The Eastlake group brought over a wonderful dinner: stuffed shells, salad, french bread, and chocolate-dipped strawberries and blueberries. Since there was no meat, Connor was able to eat with us. Too bad Sara had to work. They’ll be getting a big thank-you from me.

An old friend decided to post one of my poems, “Bookkeeping”, in his blog. It was a surprise to me, though I got an e-mail asking my retroactive permission soon after I discovered it (it's fine with me, especially since the proper copyright info was included). Still surprised sometimes that I even write poetry now, let alone that anyone might read it. The difference a year can make.
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