May 2nd, 2003


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Some minor yet significant victories at the office. My decision to address a miscommunication rather than letting it slide seems to be yielding some positive results, even if only for my sanity. Good to know I’m not alone in thinking some things are just out of whack and out of line. Jim gave me unexpected and welcome backup; hopeful for a productive conversation next week. Also transferred my desktop G4 to my new PowerBook in order to enjoy the additional power, screen size, desk space, and flexibility/portability (perhaps even telecommuting). There’s an unfortunate printing bug that’s plaguing me, but we’ll get there.

Sheryl and Sharon stopped by to check out Community Group tonight, the single Thursday of the month when we don’t meet. Glad I was here to welcome them anyway and show them the place, inviting them to return next week. Sharon complimented my apartment, which always makes me feel good considering the high level of geekiness in the decor.

Not much meat to my journalling of late. Haven’t been well-grounded in Scripture or prayer either. Hope seeing my need is a step in the right direction, a grace for me to respond to. My need is the one thing I know, even if I cannot fully identify and categorize it. Or do not dare to.
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Gotta be smarter than the printer...

Just now conquered the printer problem. Took hours, but the solution was very obscure and it still feels like victory. Another step toward Total Office Mobility (TOM), as well as another step toward being able to finish this week’s work (I wasn’t supposed to be coming in today).

Boo Lexmark. Yay God.
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