April 22nd, 2003


Old habits, of the good kind

Geek that I am, I'm thoroughly enjoying the fact that I'm once again able to settle into my Captain's chair, feet up, steaming teacup by my side, and journal on my iBook as I watch Deep Space Nine. Though enabled by technological comforts, it's still a relatively simple pleasure. And yes, as I said, thoroughly geeky.

Another twelve-hour day with no complaints. Don't mind long hours when there's some sense of progress. The workday ended with our monthly Ministry Community Meeting, which brings together Community Group Leaders, Elders, and other church leaders. Encouraging to see God at work in different and often unexpected ways. My plans afterward with Nathan and Jessica had to be postponed due to Jess' illness, but we'll reschedule soon.

Late night television means those terrible and terribly amusing late night television commercials. How did I ever live without people telling me who to call when my phone gets shut off (which always seemed strange to me, since my phone wouldn't be working in that case...)?

Day off tomorrow. No big plans. As I like it.

The question of how to love well those who matter most to me arises on multiple fronts. The answer is never the same, yet the theme is constant. I pray that I may be found faithful.
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    Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, "To the Death"