March 15th, 2003


Pop life

Community Group was large on Thursday— fourteen of us. Felt like we were really able to dive into the Psalms, like the Spirit was moving in opening them up to us and opening us to them. Having taci with us was a blessing. Wish Jesse could have joined us, too. Didn't mind having people stay a little longer, not just because I was going out afterward.

Afterward was the Tennis Pro show at The Bad JuJu. Met Phil at the bar and joined in verbal sparring with Xena the Bartender/Warrior Princess. The guys did great. Sean bloodied his drums once again. Phil's bass is taking a licking and keeps on ticking. Stayed for a bit after the set, then headed home.

Yesterday I didn't accomplish as much at work as I hoped, but it'll have to do. Time is beyond my control, by and large.
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    Rosie Thomas, "Lorraine"