March 12th, 2003



Walked in the rain tonight. It suited me.

The days have been strange. Less and less sleep; more and more nocturnal. Had trouble remembering whether it was Tuesday or Saturday yesterday. Something unreal about everything, like a waking dream.

USE rocked Chop Suey last night. Phil bought a couple of rounds of social lubricant after I bailed him out for not having the cash for cover. A former student recognized me out of the blue; enjoyed the look of surprise when he learned that his ex-residence hall director is now a record label partner.

If you're in Seattle, you should come see Tennis Pro at The Bad JuJu Lounge tomorrow (10ish, 21+, no cover). If you're near Portland, check out USE at The Blackbird tomorrow (10 pm, 21+, cover unknown). You'll be happy.

Put on my old red jacket tonight. It suited me, too.
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    Rosie Thomas, "Farewell"