December 30th, 2002


Love notes in my luggage

While unpacking a couple of days back, I found two unexpected notes inside my bag. The first was a "Notification of Baggage Inspection" from my dear friends of the Transportation Security Administration at the Des Moines International Airport. I feel safer already. The second was a daily calendar page from my sister's Bible calendar, containing the following verse:
Do not, then, allow sin to establish any power over your mortal bodies in making you give way to its lusts...But, like men rescued from certain death, put yourselves in God's hands as weapons of good for His own purposes. For sin can never be your master.

—Romans 6:12-14, Phillips
Beneath this, she wrote:
I love you. Hold tight!

—Big Sis
While I don't connect with my family as well as I'd like, I can't pretend I'm not loved. And while I don't understand what He's doing in my life some days, I can't pretend He isn't looking out for me.
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