December 22nd, 2002


So I wrote this instead

Odd to have something topical to write about, full of insight, and realize that my heart just isn't in it right now. Thing is, there's nothing more profound that I'm drawn to write about, either, nothing I can share. Better to be vacant than emotionally dishonest, though.

The morning went smoothly. Was pulled aside twice for special Christmastime hugs: one from Blanche and one from Jessi. The latter took me completely by surprise.

Watched Ocean's Eleven for the first time this evening. Since everyone I've ever heard says it's great fun, I'm not adding anything unique by joining the chorus. It was perfect for my relaxed yet a bit unsettled mood.

Leftovers from Thursday's dinner are still yummy.

My mind is doing those things it does when I'm a little lonely: slipping in time from past to future, making the present into some kind of layover on the journey (with all the accompanying comforts and discomforts).
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