May 29th, 2002


Expect no eloquence

Rose at 5 this morning: now that things have been shared with our congregation, it's important for me to engage the Men's Prayer meeting. I had backed away temporarily from a mixture of burdening, laziness, and a desire to avoid awkward questions.

Other than staff meeting, I mostly went on auto-pilot today, doing what needed to be done with a vision as narrow as a simple checklist. They can't all be inspired days.

Percolating is the word, I think.
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Would love to get some rest now (sleep/read/something), but apparently it's time for my apartment building's gardeners to mow and use the weed whacker outside my window. This is becoming less and less my day.
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Dear diary

More sporadic and diarylike in my writing today. Not sure that I like it. My head is a little spun; nothing that lends itself to entry just yet.

Wanted to note that I declined an invite to a fancy alumni dinner sponsored by one of the universities I worked at in my former career. Very glad I did, because I really would not have been in the mood for a public relations dog-and-pony show and a request to dig deep into my empty pockets. Plastic smiles and starched shirts have never been my thing, and I ended my tenure there amid some controversy, anyway. I'll let it rest.

Instead, it's Olympic hot pepperoni pizza and Enterprise with Brownie tonight. I think she's hurting, and I hope I can help. There's no sense in having my senses if I can't.
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