May 18th, 2002


Logistically unfortunate

From a logistical standpoint, the day just hasn't stacked up well. Hit the office around 7:00 to continue the never-ending computer battle, print bulletins, and prep for Finance Team at 9:00. The meeting was a bit annoying, with needless nitpicking abounding. The computer battle continued until nearly 2:00, when I decided I'd come far enough and threw in the towel for the day.

Not that the work hasn't followed me home. I have to staple and fold 230 Orders of Worship, which knocks out a good part of the rest of the day. Ann called to see if I wanted to see a show with her at The Tractor at 5:00, and I'd love to have gone, but it just wouldn't work with all I need to do.

Mom called to check in on me. Love her, but she doesn't understand at all, and I just had to watch my lunch grow cold.

Am I just writing about more mundane stuff? Yup.

P.S. Lots of numbers in this entry. They add to 253.
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The cost of stupidity

In the midst of my stapling and folding frenzy, realized that I've forgotten something simple but essential for tomorrow's worship services. Which means I now have the dubious decision of whether to return to the office tonight or in the early morning tomorrow. Lovely.
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