May 10th, 2002



Listening to my old friend Kevin via the internet. He's been my comrade-in-arms since the early days (1987, one of the "Secret Seven"). I don't know how I decided to trust Kevin, but he's been a gift to me. Hearing his voice across the miles is a comfort. Hard to believe the paths God's taken us down: he in Christian radio, me working for a church. Then again, not so hard to believe after all-- just not the future we anticipated.

Slept better last night, though powerful dreams were with me. Looking around this morning was strange, like I don't quite recognize my surroundings anymore, like I can't slide back into my mundane life quite the same way. I'm awake-- alive-- again.

As I mentioned before, a door in my heart is open now, and I have to deal with the confused, abandoned boy I locked inside years ago (as if he hadn't been left behind enough before I closed him off). There's a lot of growing up for him to do now, because I don't think I can (or should) just close the door again. Sometimes it's going to hurt (especially at first), and there are going to be tears and unanswered questions. He'd lost so much before this. Yet I'm so glad he's still alive, and we're all going to be okay.

Why is there a link to time travel in my pastor's old bookmarks? What am I in the midst of?

Dear Lord, I hope I haven't done too much harm.
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Invisible Touch

I think I'm ready to listen to Genesis' Invisible Touch CD (circa 1986). Tried earlier this week, but had to yank it. The playlist:
  1. Invisible Touch
  2. Tonight, Tonight, Tonight
  3. Land of Confusion
  4. In Too Deep
  5. Anything She Does
  6. Domino
  7. Throwing It All Away
  8. The Brazilian
My life is funny.

Update: Here are the lyrics. It's worth taking the time to read if you're curious. I mostly wanted the link here for me.
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