April 6th, 2002


Shallow, happy thoughts

No deep thoughts to write about, just a day of relaxation. Kevin and Vanessa's wedding was last night; I went to the ceremony but not the reception. Carving out time for a real break is challenging, for reasons both bad and good. Moving my day off to Tuesday sounds like a very good idea.

Talked with Winter a little here at Victrola. She's here to work on her thesis, a painful process I well remember. Her pain comes from perfectionism; mine came from procrastination. I can still relate with the knotted stomach and am happy to have it behind me (My stomach behind me? My expressions are becoming anatomically challenging...).

Looks like the sun is shining at the moment, for those who would bemoan the Seattle weather (to be fair, it is a tug-of-war today). And the Mariners play tonight. Complaints will just have to shift elsewhere. Boo hoo.
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