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Back home, and though I wish I'd spent my time better, it is good to be home nonetheless. Plenty of work to catch up on, and far too much church drama for my liking. Sometimes thing border on unbelievable; I'm amazed at the level of delusion of which we are capable.

Two of the things I wish I were spending more time doing are reading and writing. The latter always suffers when I'm not doing the former, and all of me suffers when I'm not reading Scripture with the regularity of eating and even breathing. A man who held his breath because he was too busy to bother with air would be branded a fool; I am too often eligible for this branding myself.

Also realizing many places where I'm being a poor friend, taking more than I'm giving, seeing needs and failing to offer my presence or prayer. I've got a lot of growing to do. It is a good thing to be a child of God, because it means the work to be done is His to finish (not that it will not be hard), that I am richly blessed despite myself, and that I am loved even at my most despicable.

This week has been a blessing: good times reconnecting with an old friend, a welcome break from my everyday life, and a brief moment of grace amid the strangeness. Need to look up from myself and be thankful.

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