December 2nd, 2001


World without broadband

Well, my internet was indeed shut off by the time I got home yesterday, which is why my last entry wasn't posted until today. My backup plan is still a work in process, but I should be up and running on the AirPort by later today (the iMac is running AOL now-- thank God for 30-day trials). Sounds like I'll have broadband again later in the week. These things happen.

Due to poor time usage and procrastination, I'm running on very little sleep (in bed around 2:30, up at 5:15). I'm service coordinator this Sunday, and probably indefinitely. As this becomes part of my routine, I think it will be a very good thing and will likely give me a day off during the week. As for today, I'm in great spirits. We'll see how much I'm dragging by 1:00 pm when most of my duties are done. Good to know there's a Breakfast Bagel from the Bagel Deli at the end of the trail.

Something in my heart is suddenly appreciating Advent. Good.
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