October 14th, 2001


Beautiful Miriam

The woman at the next table, across from me, is strikingly beautiful. I'm trying not to stare, and yet I want to steal as many glimpses as I can. Her beauty is pure, natural-- both in her look and in how I receive it.

I like how she glances about the room, how she holds her coffee cup, how she pauses with pen in hand before writing in her journal. She has many rings on her fingers (no engagement ring or wedding band, I've noted) but short, unpolished, simple fingernails. Often, she brushes her short, blonde hair away from her eyes-- it's a habit, I'm sure. She wears a tan fisherman's knit sweater that, oddly, matches the color of her journal's pages. There's a beauty mark on her right cheek.

Hard to believe she's alone. Seeing her in her own world is part of the beauty, I think-- that she comes here to be among people, yet she is still solitary. Her chewing of her cinnamon roll is cute. I think I see dimples. She wants to be dainty and cut a piece with her fork, but it isn't cooperating, so she snatches it up in her hand, licking the sweetness from her fingertips when she finishes.
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