August 28th, 2001


Christian cheesiness

Most mornings, I wake up to the local Christian radio station. Even though it can be kind of syrupy-sweet sometimes, I'm often uplfted, and it's a far, far better thing than the billion or so rude-and-crude morning radio shows out there. That being said, this morning they've implemented "Touchaheart Tuesday," and I think I'm simply going to wretch. I couldn't be more overwhelmed by cutsey-ness if I were mauled by the Care Bears or beaten over the head with a Thomas Kincaid painting.

I wonder if Thywillbedone Thursday is next...
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A good start

Whoever is playing on the Victrola CD player sounds very Phil Keaggy-ish. If there weren't a long line at the counter, I'd definitely ask.

The morning begins well for me. Just feeling a bit more solid, I suppose, a little less swept up in the current of whatever is happening and whatever is happening after that. I played with the interface on my Mac; for some reason this is relaxing to me, like redecorating an actual (vs. virtual) space is for some.

I think the work day will go quickly. We have a staff meeting today rather than Wednesday, because of Tommy's family retreat. We also need to go do the paperwork to reserve the space for our organization service. Ross got a space called The Dome Room for the Celebrating Grace brunch-- he brought pictures by the office yesterday, and it looks absolutely gorgeous.

Lots of hurting people in our church. Brokenness and warfare are both apparent, but so is hope. I believe God will be true to His promises, using suffering to bring people closer to Jesus and ultimately to bring glory to His name. Often that's easier for me to believe about others' stories than about my own, but such is the very stuff and struggle of faith.
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