August 18th, 2001


A tisket, a tasket

No LJ entries at all yesterday; I was just too busy. Fridays are usually filled with tryiong to tie up loose ends at the office, especially with services each Sunday. After work I went to a birthday party at Spaghetti Red's for one of my former RAs. Great place, great food, great company, great time. So I didn't end up home until around 10:30 pm, and by then I was one tired boy.

Today should be pretty relaxed. The one thing I need to get done today is to find a couple of new offering baskets for church. Weird, I know, but our old baskets vanished somehow. I've no experience in basket-shopping, but since I am even less qualified at basketweaving, a purchase it shall be.

I think I want to read today. It's been too long.
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    James Darren, "That Old Black Magic"

Take me in to the ballgame

So have I read? No, unless you count web surfing at commercials. Instead, I watched The Whole Nine Yards (fun movie; Amanda Peet is delightful on multiple levels), and am now watching the Mariners/Yankees game. Nachos and beer made it bachelor's nirvana.

On baseball: I only decided to become a fan a year ago. I never played and never payed attention (I'm that way with sports in general), but there's something classic about the game. Besides, it's good enough for Ben Sisko, so it's good enough for me. And Seattle has been a good place to become a baseball fan. There's still a ton I don't follow, I don't pay rapt attention, and I think there will always be something missing because I never played, but it's fun nonetheless.
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    Mariners/Yankees Game

Nappy nap nap!

After the game, I attempted to watch a movie called Whiteboys. "Attempted" is the operative word-- it sounded like fun (Iowa whiteboys try to be hip-hop), but it was as intolerable as fingernails on a chalkboard. Know what I'm sayin', dawg? (Yeah, just like that)

So instead, I took a nap. Good choice, especially after drinking more beer than expected during the game. Does polishing off a six-pack indicate a drinking problem? Because it sure was no problem for me! isn't giving me my e-mail. Pissah.
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