July 31st, 2001



While I love my morning time at the coffee shop, sometimes it's just a bit too noisy here for good reading and writing. When that happens, I feel frustration rise inside. Then (most of the time) I wake up and realize that I'm not in a library or sanctuary, and that I'm the one who decided to come here for some quiet. I'm a silly man and it's too easy for me to automatically expect the whole world to just conform to my wishes. I'm thankful that God wakes me up to that crazy, selfish expectation sometimes.

I'm thinking I should take it as a warning as well. When my brain is screaming, "Shut the hell up!" to innocent strangers, it's not a sign of great patience, which means I should not only be on my guard in interacting with people, but more importantly, I need to be asking God to work on my heart.

Still, I wish people would shut the hell up.
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