February 16th, 2001


Where have I been?

Alas, the journal has been neglected for many days. Sometimes missions with national security implications require me to be incommunicado for a period of time. It comes with the territory, I suppose.

Either that, or I'm lazy and easily distracted.

I've been away from the office for a few days, which feels great. Worked all day Saturday, and today is the day we take for President's Day (weird), so I took Wednesday as a comp day and Thursday as a vacation day to create a five-day weekend (my math skills only get used for the purpose of laziness).

It snowed all last night and this morning, which is really strange for Seattle. So when I woke up this morning, the world was covered in white. I damn near fell on my can about a thousand time on the way to the coffeeshop, passing a woman cross country skiing on the sidewalk and having not one but two trees dump snow directly on my head. I couldn't help laughing for the whole walk, feeling like a kid in some bizzaro winter wonderland.

Valentine's Day found me solo, but not unhappy. I'm a cheap date, and even if I only have one thing on my mind, I'm pretty ok with that. I think I may be the one my mother warned me about.

I've been playing with my Macs pretty regularly lately. Last week I upgraded my hard drive, replaced my PRAM battery, and installed OS 9.1 in my Twentieth Anniversary Mac. This week I've cleared off a bunch of backed-up junk from my iBook, installed an AirPort card in it, and set up an AirPort base station for around-the-apartment netting.

I am the ubergeek.
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