January 23rd, 2001



Spent the bulk of the day at a colloquium at Seattle Pacific. It wasn't the worst day I've ever spent, but unfortunately the presenter read half of his speech from the four-page article we read beforehand. Word for word. That can be deadly dull. The Q & A wasn't much better, and it went on about an hour too long. When the room feels dead, cut bait and run.

My latest hair-brained notion is to pursue a job with a higher education software company across the country. It would land me back in the DC area, and 60-80% of my time would be spent travelling. The honest truth is, I don't have many ties anywhere, and it might help the monotony. Why not travel, and have any downtime I get be spent in an area where I have some friends?

In the spirit of honesty, I'd have to admit that if the deal were sweet enough, I'd walk immediately. Maybe that's a crappy thing to do, but I'm just plain tired of what I'm doing.

Time to chat with a friend for a while.
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