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Scattered Saturday

Pulling together coherent thoughts isn't coming easily today: scattered, ineffective, fragmented. Want more time, but use what I have poorly. My brain is oatmeal, my emotions either unresponsive, preoccupied, or otherwise off.

Not much rest on the horizon. Work and worship tomorrow (including evening prayer meeting). Depart for San Francisco Monday evening, return Thursday morning. Community Group Thursday evening, and if I'm especially blessed, I can take a breath by Saturday. Enough with the all-too-regular whining from me.

Community Group potluck earlier this evening. Dinner, then listening as Walter shared his story, then a reprise of my chocolate-butterscotch fondue from New Year's Eve. Perhaps my fondue pot isn't avocado green, but I still know how to work the mojo. It ran longer than I'd like, but I'm not in control of these things.

Winding down will be a challenge.


There you go... stealing MY 'hot topic'. If you think talking about the avocado green fondue pot, is going to get you off the hook, then I have news for you... That was MY journal entry you snagged. YOU were suppose to talk about certain commercials Heh-Uhem! *raises eyebrow and folds arms tightly* And I EXPECT LINKS! Lot's and lot's of LINKS! :)