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They say if you aim at nothing, you'll hit it every time. At what am I aiming? I don't know. I've felt blind and directionless lately. I'd love to begin 2003 with clarity and resolve, but neither is coming readily.

Perhaps the task ahead is to wait. My prayer would be strengthened immeasurably if I could do this one thing; that shows me it is a great weakness. To be still, to wait, to hope— in the absence of direction, these are rarely wrong things.

Tempted to watch Donnie Darko or Moulin Rouge (haven't yet seen the latter), but I don't think either will be helpful for me. We'll see.


Moulin Rouge is more silly than harmful. Worth watching just for the beauty of the sets and costumes. :)

I've just spent a good half hour reading back over your journal and I was pleased to read a journal so honest, interesting and recognisibly human. Sometimes I think people hide themselves behind their LJ personnas. Thank you for having the courage not to do the same. There are days where if I have to scroll over one more page of 'lists of things I did today' I will scream. ;)
Wow, I'm honored– thanks. My journal would be pretty useless for me if it couldn't serve as a place for me to struggle and wrestle. Moulin Rouge has been postponed, but it does come highly recommended. Thanks again– I truly appreciate your comment and subsequent entry. I've been blessed in some amazing (if unusual) ways, and I'm constantly learning (or avoiding learning) to be thankful.
Moulin Rouge = wharf. I HATE that movie.