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2003: First thoughts

Celebrated New Year's Eve with expressedinword and taci: Italian dinner, chocolate-butterscotch fondue, and a Champagne toast at midnight. The evening reminded me of the importance of friends; my weariness soon after midnight reminded me of my age.

The rain has come down steadily today: I walk in it without hood or hat or umbrella, because it, too, is a good reminder.

Booked a brief trip to San Francisco next week: plan to see Daniela, whom I haven't seen in over a year, and her husband, whom I've never met. Waited too long to make the plans, hesitating for reasons too complex and unsorted to list.

Household chores need attention: dishes, laundry, and picking up around the house. Won't even think about a full cleaning, because that'll just be discouraging.

My sister called this morning: sonograms from last week indicate twins, and a strong probability of being able to carry both to term. They'll check on her again this week. Her ability to be pregnant is a product of science, complicated and tricky. It's been hard for them; I'm thankful for God's blessing in my nephew. Twins would be an interesting development indeed.

Would like to write more today: perhaps thoughts on the year ahead, or even a stab at poetry. Submission deadline for Static/Epiphany is Friday, and it'd be nice to have something fresh.

Odd thing of the day (happening as I type): a sidewalk parade of kilted, bagpipe-playing, bell-ringing, flag-waving, blue face-painted Scots have invaded Victrola to sing in the new year. We're chanting for freedom from the English and singing "Auld Lang Sine."

Hang on: it only gets more interesting from here.


yea twins!
God bless the Scots! :)
One of the cooler impromptu events I've been party to.