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Love notes in my luggage

While unpacking a couple of days back, I found two unexpected notes inside my bag. The first was a "Notification of Baggage Inspection" from my dear friends of the Transportation Security Administration at the Des Moines International Airport. I feel safer already. The second was a daily calendar page from my sister's Bible calendar, containing the following verse:
Do not, then, allow sin to establish any power over your mortal bodies in making you give way to its lusts...But, like men rescued from certain death, put yourselves in God's hands as weapons of good for His own purposes. For sin can never be your master.

—Romans 6:12-14, Phillips
Beneath this, she wrote:
I love you. Hold tight!

—Big Sis
While I don't connect with my family as well as I'd like, I can't pretend I'm not loved. And while I don't understand what He's doing in my life some days, I can't pretend He isn't looking out for me.


Eeew!!!! I think when I fly home on the 9th, I am going to leave all my worn undies packed in the top of my luggage so when those losers open it, the only thing they will want to do is CLOSE it, and FAST! In FACT! I think I will head to K-mart and buy some NASTY LOOKING HUGE SATIN BRIEFS, sixe XXXL just for the special event.

Those freaks better not open my luggage and touch MY things. This government is just going way too far with this stuff. If they want to search MY things then they should do it WHEN I AM PRESENT and not behind some closed door where some freak can get his jollies with my lingerie. Or worse, where they can PLANT something in my luggage and say they found it in there.

I am so disgusted with this world. *DashesOFFtoK-MART*


Oh, I can only imagine what kinds of surprises you'll have cooked up by the 9th. Those poor, poor TSAers (with the ugly maroon sweaters-- fashion should be a statement, not a question...).

Those freaks better not open my luggage...

Afraid I've had to swear off calling other people that name anymore...;)


The only reason I feel like I can call them freaks is because I myself can relate to freakhood. I'm just not the kind of freak that likes to rummage through other's luggage.

But on a serious note... why isn't anyone speaking up about the fact that NOW the government can plant something in our luggage when we are not looking, if they want?

This new rule gives them the freedom to now get rid of ANYONE they want. whether they just create some scandal with drugs to get someone out of office, or something more serious that get's someone life in prison. It's just not right that they can search our stuff without us being present.

A cop doesn't lay his hands on your wallet, to protect himself as well as you. instead asks YOU to remove your license and hand that to him/her. (You wouldn't necessarily know that-about the license part) haha *wink* but anyway, it is for their protection as well. I just dont understand how they can search without US present.

What if they DO find something bad in someone's luggage and the criminal simply screams that it was planted. What sort of leg do the authorities have to stand on?

It goes both ways here. I suppose they have pondered all of this and will have some sort of lame law in place that justifies every Hitler -like tactic that they are pulling, but I sure would be interested in knowing how they plan on dealing with all those factors.


You're right. I may check with Long about this, though I suspect the answer is as simple (and potentially scary) as "because they're the government." And now that I think of it, that's the airport check-in at which I was asked no security questions. Did those get phased out (they were a bit silly, but still...)?

If they take anything from luggage, I hope it's replacement sweaters. I'm no fashion policeman but...so ugly.


wont it be so wonderful when I am on a computer that lets me remain in hotmail/msn and then I can stop using your journal like instant messenger? heh

signing off for now friend. Sleep sweet. Oh and about that city quiz... *whispers* "I think you did cheat a little." heh. At least in your (our) secret little Scully/Mulder way. I'm thinking that it may have been the same way that you just happened to know without knowing, all the stuff going on over here lately. *wink* ~good night.


Hence my not using the word "freak" on anyone else. And you should have seen the Babylon 5 quiz results. Good night, Scully.
Police have always been able to search your house with multiple officers at the same time, so that while you might be home for the search (not required, mind you. They can search without you being there), they could still, theoretically plant evidence. These aren't new things.

I also seriously doubt that a government out to get you is going to rely on a baggage screener to plant evidence on you. Would be like the CIA relying on the mailroom guys to do undercover work.


It wouldn't be unlike the CIA, FBI, OWG, to pose as a security guard and plant what ever they want on someone, either. They've posed as garbage men for goodness sake and searched people's trash. Thanks for the info. of which I am already well aware. But like sheep for the slaughter this is just 'one more' thing that we are, as a people ignoring. It will only, 'not be a big deal' to some, until they or someone they love become victim's of these One World Government/Hiter/Prophetic happenings. Happy New Year! :)
My brother, thegreattree, flew out of Orlando International this evening. Right before he left for the airport, my mom was in a tither because she'd just been notified not to lock his suitcase. "In case we have to search it," was the official word. She's not so worried about people planting things in the luggage as she is about people stealing from the suitcases. That's one of the reasons that locks were invented in the first place!! If they have to open my luggage, I want it done in front of me, thank-you-very-much....
Family is a wonderful (if often confusing)thing.

It's been a long time since I've been on a plane. About three years I think. I remember the stupid questions they used to ask that always got the same response.

"Did anyone put anything in your bags without your knowledge."

"How would I know if it was without my knowledge?"


I used those questions in a poem a while back. That's not what it's about, of course, but it worked for me.