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Better, a bit

As I expected was possible, my mood has improved upon arrival at the airport. Tossing and turning was part of my distress, I think— sometimes the night can fool us into thinking the shadows of our lives are the substance of them. The shadows are still there, to be sure, and I'm still troubled by my loss of heart. Yet hope has crept in. His mercies are new every morning.

They didn't ask me any security questions when I checked in. Should I be concerned?

A parting gift from the counterintuitive folks at Priceline: travelling from Des Moines, Iowa to Seattle, Washington via Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati, Ohio. This is geography on crack.

Simple, black coffee is good on a morning like this one.

Hope to pray a bit before flying today. Doubt that my wrestling this morning— or through this trip, for that matter— is something God wants me to simply dismiss. I need Him to help me find my heart, to heal it, to keep it. Great is Your faithfulness, Abba.

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