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If I see eight tiny reindeer, I'm taking the next flight

Online wirelessly here at the SeaTac airport. How frickin' cool is that, really? I couldn't resist.

Did the last-minute Christmas shopping in the early afternoon. Sometimes I can only seem to run it to the wire. There's a certain shame in the eyes of all of us who are still shopping at this late hour– we all know we did this to ourselves, and that we're probably rotten friends/family members, but we still have the hope that we can get away with it and no one will be the wiser. No one, that is, except our fellow delinquent shoppers.

On busy days like this one, it's good that I've developed systems for myself. I'm not organized; rather, I've lived with myself long enough to manage my disorganization. An example: my wallet goes in my left front pants pocket, keys and anything transportation-related (bus passes, cab fare, etc.) goes in the right front pocket. Nothing goes in my back pockets because, well, I just don't trust my butt with anything. This system helped me make it through all the travel and logistics of the day, instead of frantically searching for my transfer slip or credit cards. Yeah, it's silly, but I have to do it to survive.

People wearing Santa hats: you look stupid. Really. Please stop.

If you know me, this won't surprise you:

Which Donnie Darko character are you? by Shay</font>

I'm sure I'll write in Iowa, though I'm not sure how often I'll be able to upload entries. So if nothing new finds its way to this space before Friday, the mystery is now gone.

Still can't believe I get to do this while I wait on the plane. Cool.

Merry Christmas. God bless us, every one.


Merry Christmas!!!

Have a safe flight!

Which airport are you flying in to?
Des Moines...that's where my sister lives.


Yay! I hope you have a good time with the snow and all.

You know how the weather will be here. :)

So far, I've only seen a couple of stray flakes of snow. I already miss my Seattle!


Well... it's been pouring on and off. Kind of nice, actually.

You'll be back soon, though, eh? :)
Tomorrow. Yay!
Now boarding.
Now on the plane. Way too cool.

You are a techno-geek after my own heart, brother! :)
wifi rules!
Merry Christmas. I'm only a state away ;)
Merry Christmas, Doug...I seem to be following you around!
Well, then. Now I understand your on-off-on-off-on-off-ness of earlier this evening/morning. Keep writing -- I hope your Christmas is great!!
Yeah, the connection here is far from stable, but I'm not complaining-- hope you had a joyous Christmas, too!