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Things I forgot to mention

Thursday's Christmas dinner with Community Group was delicious. Dawn came an hour early to cook; we had beef tenderloin, mushrooms, garlic mashed potatoes, roasted carrots, and country bread, with a Shiraz to drink and homemade cinammon cookies (courtesy Nate's mom) for dessert. My kitchen was confused, because it had never before beheld the preparation of such a feast— or even much in the way of a meal's cooking, beyond the microwave and toaster oven.

Listening to Patrick Stewart's one-man version of Dickens' A Christmas Carol on audio tape. It's a wonderful Christmas tradition of mine; particularly enjoying his enunciation of the bells' "Kalangalang!"

God be with travelers this day.


my kitchen :)

your mention of the confused kitchen unaccustomed to
such festival reminds me of a time in Japan where there
were for once some people in my apartment for whom
I was cooking, in fact tempura and the oil somehow
became a fire and I had to use the hall fire extinguisher
no disaster beyond the meal and also everyone said
that with foam on my beard I looked like santa
and we went out to eat. merry Christmas! +Seraphim
Waves homemade Christmas cookies in Banzai's general direction...
I am officially tired of:
1) your living so far from me; and
2) not IMing with you very often.
Please fix these things post-haste. And bring cookies. Thank you.