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Wilderness trust

Abigail says, in effect, "Your task, David, is not to exact vengeance; vengeance is God's business, and you aren't God. You're out here in the wilderness to find out what God is doing and who you are before God. The wilderness isn't an experiment station in which you test yourself and find out how strong and resilient you are. It's where you discover the strength of God and God's faithful ways of working in and through your life. Nabal is a fool, but don't you also become a fool. One fool is enough in this story."

—Eugene Peterson, Leap Over a Wall [emphasis mine]

The highlighted sentences speak to me— a truth I need to remember. Also a comfort, a relief, an encouragement that what God is doing with me is so much larger and more glorious than what I'm feeling. I need that to be true.

There's an unexpected jazz combo (bass, piano, and sax) playing at Victrola now. Remembered that their Christmas Party is Thursday. I'll have to go after Community Group, and I'll have to dig up formal attire.

I'm officially tired of the grocery store. Today, I'm tired of being assaulted with glossy images of Oprah, Britney, Justin, Denzel, and the cast of Friends. Why won't these "people" go away?

Friday's audit has me stressed, not because of any wrongdoing, but simply from how much I need to have filed, organized, and prepared. Hate the timing. Debating going into the office today. I'd love to rest, but at this point, I question if I even can get everything done I need to finish this week.

Finally got the haircut I've been needing. That's one less thing, at least.
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