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Office dialogue your pastor never told you about

While I, the faithful administrator, stuffed and licked envelopes to supporters across the country for a Christmas mailing:
Pastor: I hope some of these people are still with us. Some of them were getting pretty up there.

Me: So if we get a "return to sender," chances are they did, too.


I'm kinda ashamed to admit that I laughed at this.
::dies!:: There's no reason to be ashamed of laughing at that comment. It's downright funny -- and funnier than a lot of tripe Hollywood tries to pass off as funny.

On a related note... I made a post back on Dec. 1st, where I put some links I uncovered through Dave Barry, and there actually IS a Return to Sender themed casket! O.o

(Some of the speciality themes ARE neat, though - like the one for breast cancer, and the farmer's theme)
Perhaps I'm just not Taste Girl (who, me?), but I don't find anything wrong with that comment. It's not solemn, but other than that...
:) that is great and so true
we're doing a huge mailer to let everyone know our office is moving... and my boss was a little miffed that there were over six dead people in our database.

How was I to know?

They really should send you a change of address card or something when they die.
yeah... "New Forwarding Address: HEAVEN, 77777"