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Nocturnal urban wildlife

Went to see Star Trek: Nemesis with Markus and Elizabeth this afternoon. Markus and I had planned to go on Friday, but my day of breakneck speed made me postpone until today. Enjoyed, but had trouble staying focused (reminding me a bit of when I saw Star Wars earlier this year). Not a sign of great mental health on my part.

Spent the evening afterward getting tasks done at the office, and started for home around 23:00. My late hours, the night air, and the rain on the pavement and my face reminded me of someone I used to be. Slipping more and more into these patterns. Not sure how I feel about that.

Walking on 14th, I saw three furry animals on the sidewalk. My first thought was cats, but I noticed they were more lumbering than slinking, bulkier and lower to the ground. Another look revealed ringed tails and masked eyes— racoons, making their way in the urban jungle. Color me surprised.

Stopped by Victrola on the way home because I saw Bob, Garret, and Jessi inside. Good to see these dear ones, and I particularly enjoyed that both Jessi and Garret were knitting. I'll see them in the morning.

Now to wind down.


Here in L.A. we have raccoons, coyotes, deer, skunks, and especially opossums. On Catalina Island and the other Channel Islands, they have wild boar.