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What is this stuff?

In last night's desperation run for survival groceries, I made an impulse buy of Pop-Tarts™. Sure, I felt silly and a bit embarrassed by the time I pulled them from my bag at home, but nothing compared to the ominous curiosity and dread that crept in upon reading this phrase on the box top tonight:


"Used before"? "Used before"?!? What am I supposed to do with them other than eat them?

I fear my toaster pastries.


Duh! Don't you know? You can do all kinds of things! Why, Martha Stewart rubs the frosting from them off on her sweaters to give them a sweet smell! You can string them together to hang on your tree! You can even sew them together and make an edible swimsuit!

::smartass grin::
What can't you do with poptarts? Paperweights, coasters, drywall... the possibilities are endless!

In Ireland the packages said Expiry.
Isn't that weird?

And how odd is it that they put expiration dates on water? Like it'll make you sick if you drink two year old water. What- like there's NEW water out there? Sheesh.
Actually- I just looked at my water bottle and it says EX 07/11
So apparently I have 9 years to drink this water before it's unsafe to drink.

what flavor did you buy?