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"How was your day?"

A friend asked me about my day yesterday evening. Such a normal, innocent question, yet I stumbled to talk about it at all. Not that it was an unusual day. The unusual thing was the question.

Thinking back, I realize for nearly all of my life, I've not had anyone ask about my day. When I'm done with work, I return home to solitude, never telling a story or sharing a frustration or laugh. Most of the time I don't think of that as especially lonely. It's just the way it's been, but I suppose it's not that way for most.

So at 32, I'm just beginning to learn how to talk about my day, though I can scarcely imagine why anyone would be interested at all. Couldn't even guess how many other normal social interactions and conventions I've missed. Maybe I'll pick things up as I go.


"Couldn't even guess how many other normal social interactions and conventions I've missed"

Yes I understand that ! I have never been the one to enjoy idle conversation among small or big groups or among family gatherings. Questions like "what do you do?" totally grate on my nerves. Why do we have to define each other with this type of question. Idle converstation works for me only between 3-5 am.
my cat is *never* interested how my day has gone but i will often tell him anyways.
I've learned to fit into many social settings as a necessity of my job (I "babysit" celebrities and do concierge stuff). However, I'm still absolutely stumped by the tit-for-tat "how are you?" exchange. Normally when I say "fine," it fizzles, 'cause i don't know what to say to them next.

Ahh, yes, and as much as I cringe to reply with "fine" to every query, I find myself unable to open up deeper to people whom I know don't want to listen. It's a bad thing that I can't tell these people apart from those who do really want to listen.

You do talk about your day. You just do it to a computer. :-D

Some people purchase a dog....