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Nowhere fast

Wrote a whole long spiel on last night's study of John 8:31, but it didn't go anywhere beneficial, so journal readers are spared for the moment. You're welcome.

Again, I won't have the full day off today, but again, there's no way I could hold up to a full day at the office, either. Though grateful for peaceful interludes, I simply don't know what to do with myself on the whole.

Supposed to put together a wish list for my family's shopping convenience today. This should be fun, right? Not feeling that way about it yet. I don't care overmuch about Christmas gifts, either.

Need a haircut, but I'm too restless to sit in the chair for that long. Pathetic.


I usually love buying and giving gifts for my family, but this year I don't. I think too much emphasis is put on the amount of the gift and what not. My grandmother threw a fit last year at my brother because he didn't get her anything and he stormed out of the house. Then this year my mother told me what she wanted so I went out and bought it. Then she told me that she didn't want that, she wanted something else. Tried to return her gift and I couldn't. Then every time she changes her mind, the price of the gift increases. I just think it's a selfish attitude and I really didn't want to participate in it this year. Plus, I'm broke.
For stuff for you, try the wish list function at Amazon.com. For stuff for them, get really sick over Christmas. Then sometime in January, spend some time (going out to eat, a dinner at your house, etc.) with each of those people. Tell 'em you love them and apologize for no Christmas gift.

(Okay, it just might be a tad bit manipulative....)