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First time I've spent time at my beloved Victrola in recent memory. The place seems far busier than I remember— had to work to secure a sliver of space for myself at the corner of the bar. The line has consistently extended close to the door. Perhaps this story in this week's Stranger provided an additional boost. In any case, these appear to be good days for Jen and Chris.

More peace today than yesterday. It's the peace of God, I hope. It definitely comes without answers or resolution (I would be suspicious of either, anyway). I suppose faith isn't about trusting when things are neatly tied. As my old friend Don Orange used to say, "It's a great day for faith."

Better able to read and to pray today; was even able to worship in the midst of work. Such blessings are testaments to God's grace, not to my character. I am cared for even as I kick against the goads. My spirit is far from settled, but there's just a bit of calm in the midst of everything. I will accept this gift, draw from Him, and hopefully give as well. How I long to have something to give, something of God and not just of me.

Demanding of God today. I seek rest for all of us, not just for me. Thankfully, that's just the kind of relationship He's invited me to have with Him.

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