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Conspiracies and mysteries

Finished reading Song of Songs this evening. You know, there are times when it might be wise for me to deviate from my Bible reading plan. Just a thought.

Opened the fancy-schmancy nozzle on my toothpaste tube to scoop some of the last remaining paste onto my toothbrush. These things seem built to waste the product, much like liquid laundry detergent bottles. There's a conspiracy afoot.

The office was high-traffic today, including a gentleman taking licensure exams who was lacking in my culture's standards for manners. I've run into this before, and try not to let it get under my skin, but when I'm working, I just want the person to go away. He did, eventually.

Lots else to digest today. Some may take me a while. Trying to stop ever thinking things are as weird as they can be, because that's when they take steps further into the vortex.

So why is so much of it so familiar?
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