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The unexpected follows the unexpected

Just had the strangest conversation on AIM. Well, from what I've seen on AIM, it's a safe bet it's seen stranger, but this was the strangest I've had yet. No big details for the LJ viewing audience-- I'm not *that* comfortable with this yet. Bottom line: I shared something personal that I thought might scare someone off (it just came up and I wanted to be honest), but it seemed to do exactly the opposite. Who knew?

Whatever the case, I'm impressed (as indicated below).


Oh, c'mon, how scary can you be? Howdy, one of my fall projects is to read the journals of my favorite LJ people from the beginning, mainly for the purpose of allowing me to be a more consciencious friend. It's also amusing at times, and surprisingly bittersweet at others. Anyways, that's why I'm all the way back here in 2001's entries....
I wondered how you ended up all the way back here...

I'm honored.
ha. ironic. i ended up back here, too.
Who knows what you'll dig up?