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Captain Crunch is waving farewell

May have mentioned this before, but I'm one of the singers in the background at the end of this song.



*hums "When the big one finds you, may this song remind you..."*
Can I have your autograph? :D


Yeah, but I don't tour anymore, so you'd have to come to Seattle. There's a Star Trek/Buffy convention in February. ;)
That's awesome. How did you get to do it?
They recorded the audience at a show I attended, after the concert was over. Steve Taylor conducted us. It was fun.
That's pretty darn awesome. I'm sticking the CD right now!
yes please expand
That's outstanding! That album is probably the only christian music album I ever liked. Well played!


And as a current Iowa resident, you'll appreciate that it was the Ottumwa concert.


So, what do/did you think of Iowa?


Grew up there, and worked there a while. Plenty of fond memories and plenty of things that made me want to get out as soon as possible. I think childhood homes are like that. I'll be headed back for Christmas, and am especially excited to see my almost two-year-old nephew in Des Moines.

How's Iowa treating you?


Not too badly. I grew up in Cincinnati and came out here to attend Pharmacy school at Drake. I would concur that Iowa features many great things (no pollution, no traffic, no crime, very little poverty) and many things I don't care for (a lack of things to do, lots of apathy about important international issues, mass xenophobia, lack of culture). Like any other place it's a balancing act.
Des Moines has been a great place to study. It is quite easy to find work and room.
I'm going to my parents' house in WI for christmas this year, so I'll probably miss you. Let me know if you need any recommendations as far as restaurants, et cetera though.