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Wild abandon

Early wake-up and lots of rain this morning. This could be a great day off. Once I get back home, I think I'll grab a shower and see how much of the day I can spend in flannel pants and an old hockey jersey with dim lights, flickering candles, good books, soft blankets, quiet music, and hot tea.

(I do, of course, reserve the right to substitute movies and television at any time of my choosing.)

Read in 1 Corinthians: spiritual gifts, the nature of the church as the body of Christ, the qualities of love, orderliness in worship. Each topic is worthy of independent consideration, yet it is also interesting to me how each applies to this time of my life in very specific ways. God has much to say to me.

I truly want to listen. Of course, I have my own desires and want to go my own way, but Solomon's lessons ring in my ears alongside Paul's writing. I don't want to reach the end of this path simply to conclude, "Meaningless! A chasing after the wind." There's something here, something He's placed in my life, something He's working. I don't want to turn it into less than He intends.

We're taught, rightly and well, to trust in God's faithfulness. Now, I must learn to hope in His wildness. Only He can resolve the apparent contradictions. The way to follow Him is the same; His boundary stones are unmoved by circumstance. Maybe He'll change the things around me, maybe He'll change me, but He will not change. I need Him to be His wildly good self right now.


I love when its dark and rainy to curl up with a good book in candle light, or maybe, if it's nothing realy tiny, to do some cross stitching. My mother thinks I'm crazy because I love power outages. I think they're fun.