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When it rains

You wouldn't believe the day I'm having.

Some of the nonsense that's been coursing through segments of my church's congregation has erupted in what may become a good old fashioned church split. When I say nonsense, I mean it— the "problems" make no sense. Groundless, vague accusations and polarizing battle lines drawn in the sand. It might even seem to be about theology, except that Jesus hasn't been mentioned in the endless debate for some time. Some have, at least in part, forgotten Christ and thus forgotten the church and their own best selves.

For my part, I am often irritated and confused, yet largely calm. My hope was never in any of these people in the first place— it is only in Him. This is far from the only instance where my path is turning in an unusual direction. My wisdom is rubbish in this territory, yet here I am nonetheless. I pray I'm where I need to be, when I need to be, and who I need to be, and I'm immesurably grateful that it's ultimately not about me. From here, God seems quite busy.

Community Group at 19:00; should be interesting. I'm sure church affairs will be a hot topic. Nate has also taken a hard step this week: closing down communication with his close friend (who also happens to be the woman he loves) because she is in a long distance relationship with another man. They've laid all their cards on the table with one another, and this is their course for now. Not sure how much of this he'll share with the whole group, but it is a tough time for his heart.

None of this is the end of the world. I know what that looks like.

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