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Can I just have many, many days like this in a row to spend at home? I know the answer to that, but it still sounds nice. The pavement was wet and the air smelled of rain when I wandered out this morning. It hadn't been much, but enough to make me smile and breathe deeply. And now, clouds and standard time bring darkness in slow but early increments. It's a good thing.

Which is worse: when I don't know what's wrong with me, or when I have a pretty good idea exactly what's wrong with me? Somehow, I'm still loved.

Last night's meeting culminated just as I expected: a proposed rent increase from the church building we rent. It's only 10%, the first in two years, but I still dug in my heels a bit. Our finances are tight and sometimes good negotiation calls for that kind of maneuvering. This battle will ultimately be conceded, I'm sure, but it might hold off the next increase a bit. And we're still blessed by the relationship we have with their church— I'd like to foster that a bit more, both for fellowship's sake and to further shore up our defenses against additional hikes.

My before-this-entry Yahtzee score, the hard way:

I'm not making these up, you know.

Tea soon, I think.
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