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Winding down

It has been a day. A good one, on the whole. A few bits and highlights
  • Many stars brightly visible in the brisk Capitol Hill sky at 4:30, including all of Orion. A blessing to be so greeted upon leaving my apartment for a long day.
  • Yet another largely smooth set of services, considering all the advance work I didn't get done. He is merciful.
  • Finally successful in approving a pulpit committee at our congregational meeting. The script I gave Jim (so that he could run the meeting effectively) seemed to help a bit.
  • Welcome virtual company during my office time this afternoon. Made my day go easier and better.
  • Sunset behind the Olympics was yet again breathtaking. Sure I'd have missed it if I hadn't been on a walk for work.
  • Brief times with friends from church, like the Christiansons, the Ottos, and the Ryans, had me feeling a little more like a rounded, engaged person in my community life. Need to make more and deeper time like that a priority.
  • Asked Eddie the intern to take responsibility for locking the church building so I could duck out of prayer meeting early. A relief.
Soon it's home again for dinner and relaxation. Even though some matters (work and non) play through my mind, I also feel lighter somehow.

Oh, and for the curious, my Yahtzee scores from five minutes ago (standard three-column score sheet, scoring using only one column at a time— a.k.a. "the hard way"):


Fear me.
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