Maximillian Amadeus Banzai (banzai) wrote,
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Jam packed

Rested fairly well last night, and today looks quite full. Been unusually lazy of late, and this inevitably results in a backlog of work (particularly at a church, where many things simply must be done on a weekly basis). I feel anxious, but reality stretches gracefully beyond my emotions. That's my hope.

In the shower I was thinking of a passage of Scripture that turned out to be next up on my Bible reading list (1 Corinthians 8-11). A lot for me to consider and figure out how to apply to my life and culture. Open my eyes and heart, Spirit.

Costume party thrown by Heather and the Ottos tonight. Comes as no surprise that I have mixed feelings about it: it should be fun, but I am terribly tired (of people) and unfestive, as well as having much on my mind. This is yet another week in which I'd like to insert an extra day or two, as a buffer of sorts. Each day places me nose-to-nose with my limits.

Perhaps I need to still scale back on how far forward I let my mind go. This day, by itself, holds much potential for goodness, fulfillment, enjoyment, and wonder. There are moments I can be in, laughter I can have, smiles I can trade, gifts I can give and receive. When I widen my scope, it all turns to a coagulating lump of stress.

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