Maximillian Amadeus Banzai (banzai) wrote,
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Odd little day

This is an unusual, scattered day. Didn't feel quite like myself waking up, and I'd hoped to take the day off, but just realized that our payroll tax forms and L&I insurance payment are both due today. So to the office I shall go, as briefly as possible, to get the loose ends tied, unless I can somehow find a loophole.

Sara is back in town from Portland this week and will be able to join us for Community Group tonight. This means much randomness, but also much joy.

The ladies of Victrola are wearing black today, with bright colored wigs. It's fun.

Halloween is special to me, because it's when Jesus drew me to faith in Him. I was eight years old, garbed in my bright green Incredible Hulk poncho and mask, at a party hosted by the odd little church in my odd little town. I was an odd little boy, so it all worked.

What's troubling me so today? Probably me.
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