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Taking a swipe at the oft-neglected tasks of everyday life. Can't remember the last time I gave the apartment a good cleaning. Not that this will qualify, either, but it's a start.

Felt the deep sadness in the grocery store again. Not sure what that is, where it comes from, but the loneliness is nearly debilitating. All for three cans of chunky soup, carpet cleaner, a loaf of bread, tortilla chips, crackers, and cheese.

Treated to a gorgeous sunset over the bay on the walk home. Looking out across the water is different now. Things will change.



Been there, felt that. It's so hard to see through the clouds sometimes to remember these things...but when Jesus became human to walk among us, he was subjected to the same human weaknesses -- thirst, fatigue, grief, hunger...and loneliness. He understands what you're feeling.
Loneliness hits me in random places too, but then in other moments in the same exact places I feel content. When loneliness hits at the grocery store I usually go for the pistachio nuts, though. This really seems to help. And then I remember that I don't have to worry about what everyone is going to eat for dinner, just me. That helps me too. But the point of this comment is that I've felt lonely in grocery stores before too. Not any of that other nonsense. And even when we think we are alone, we really aren't. There's God and strangers across the continent.