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No. Not even in the face of armageddon. Never compromise.

—Rorschach, from Alan Moore's Watchmen

Read about Solomon's undoing and the splitting of the kingdom in 1 Kings this morning. Compromise after compromise. No one stumbled because they lost God; they stumbled because they added to Him, and thus forgot who He is. Compromise is the story of "God and...": Solomon tried to have God and his foreign wives and other gods, Rehoboam tried to have God and the counsel of his young friends, Jeroboam tried to have God and golden calves and priests to seal the deal, even the man of God from Judah tried to have God and a forbidden meal in enemy territory. Compromise is trying to have "God and..." when the truth of the matter, the true nature of the choice, is "God or...". He will neither be supplemented nor supplemental.

That's my story, over and over. So much I won't let go of. It's a kind of madness, a schizophrenia of the soul. I think we all may suffer from it: the human condition. There's only one cure, and He's offered Himself for all of us.

Started this day later than I planned. Resolved to finish the November/December volunteer schedule today. Also continuing to enjoy a Pedro the Lion renaissance. Saw more compassion on the street today and was reminded of a forgotten dream from my childhood. Maybe that's coming, too.

Love when the moon is visible in the daylight, as it was on my sunny walk to Victrola. Is there a term for that phenomenon? Maybe I'll look.

The good news: God's faithfulness and love do not compromise. Ever.

"If his sons forsake My law
   and do not follow My statutes,
if they violate My decrees
   and fail to keep My commands,
I will punish their sin with the rod,
   their iniquity with flogging;
but I will not take My love from him,
   nor will I ever betray My faithfulness.
I will not violate My covenant,
   or alter what My lips have uttered.
Once for all, I have sworn by My holiness—
   and I will not lie to David—
that his line will continue forever,
   and his throne will endure before Me like the sun;
it will be estabilshed forever like the moon,
   the faithful witness in the sky."

—Psalm 89:30-37

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