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Winners never quit

Smiled as I saw a poster for The Dandelion Method's 8 November show on a pole near my office when I walked home. Go nertles.

Inexplicably melancholy this evening. Made the perfect time to rebuild my Pedro the Lion playlist. Sometimes Dave makes me happy in his sadness.

Day off tomorrow, so I might be a night owl tonight. Though I'm a bit broodish, life really is good. I don't think it diminishes God's glory for me to feel my feelings.


way to plug the d-method!
Lovin' the D.
That's so cool! Isn't it funny how you get to know someone on livejournal without actually getting to know them, and then you see some evidence that they're real? It's pretty weird, isn't it? I remember when I saw a guy I knew from livejournal at a music store, and it almost felt fake. Anyway, I'm glad you saw the poster-- it means word is getting out. It's a real honor for us to be playing with Aaron Sprinkle...that actually got set up by Erick formerly of Wes Dando, whom I believe you might know?

Small, small world.

Totally random, but...

Is that the same Aaron Sprinkle that used to go to Calvary Fellowship that used to meet at the old Lincoln High School?
Just curious :)
Indeed: I just ushered with Erick at church this past Sunday. Aaron is also connected to our Chief Musician, Phil Peterson. This world is tiny!
i saw Aaron Sprinkle at Cornerstone and he was very, very good.
I don't think it diminishes God's glory for me to feel my feelings.

I don't think it does either.