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Should be at a party just now (one of two), but I'm not. Should have made calls to shore up volunteers for tomorrow morning's services, but I haven't. Should be seriously stressed about not having done these things and not having all the ducks in a row, but I'm not. Something good about being at Victrola, typing on my iBook— I feel like I'm doing something even while I'm getting nothing accomplished. Sometimes I don't know the difference between peace and denial.

Trying to engage my mind and heart with searching for God's fingerprints, His patterns, His leading. Afraid I (like most) make it more difficult than it truly is, probably in order to reserve for myself the right to filter out the possibilities that don't agree with me. Asking and listening are frightening prospects. Sometimes I hear counsel that smacks of wisdom from friends, yet know I'll go another way.

My vision is becoming clearer when I stop looking so far ahead. Today's faithfulness is often remarkably simple, while tomorrow's faithfulness remains a fearful, impossible puzzle. Wonder sours to fear when I ask "What will I do?" rather than "What will He do?" This moment, this one, often calls for less consideration and more presence from me. Sometimes I ask what God is up to rather than seeing how He is already at work and seeking to join Him there.

Sometimes I'm afraid. Sometimes I'm not.


Sometimes you say exactly what I'm thinking.
This is an honor. Thank you.


An honor??? :)

You often say things I'm thinking... but I feel silly just always commenting with an "amen".
Odd of me to feel silly, hmm? :)
At Breaking Bread last Wednesday night, A.J. Sherril talked about the place of vision and worship in a life, taught from the book of Ezra. Vision is a wonderful thing, but the fulfillment of vision is something that only happens in God's timing. Believers with vision do a lot of waiting. A marvelous thing happened in Ezra when the Israelites were allowed to return to Jerusalem and rebuild. Their task wasn't about to be completed overnight; however, even before they'd really started construction the people worshipped. A.J.'s point was that we, as believers, are not to neglect worship just because we are waiting on God. (I hope that made sense.) So chew on this thought for a while the next time you wander into Victrola. Your waiting is not aimless as long as you are worshipping....